Your Online Presence Matters

The internet is now the backbone of everything that we do.

Information is just a click a way.

Everyone is on the internet.

Is your R + F business on the internet?

It's time to step up your R + F game..

Discover the many ways you can use social media to sell R + F products.

You are a business owner.

It's time to start thinking like social media marketer.


  This GUIDE gives you the tools needed to create an online presence for your R + F business that is consistent, engaging and professional.


Say goodbye to those lackluster social media posts.

Say goodbye to the days when you aren't sure what to do next.


The GUIDE will show and explain:

  • Why social media for R + F is necessary and what it means for you

  • What the true challenges are for R + F and how to overcome them

  • How to figure out your "why" and how to use that to build your story

  • Where to look for prospects

  • How to use your R + F website as a marketing tool

  • Why social media is a necessary part of doing business

  • How to use Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and twitter successfully

  • Why it's important to leverage video today

  • How to get out of your own network to build a following and start influencing

What's included:

  • Marketing strategies to get you thinking like a marketer

  • exercises to develop your story and find your audience

  • content ideas for today's major social media platforms

  • list of recommended marketing tools to get the best out of your limited time


Imagine someone coming up to you asking about your business because your online presence is strong and they value what you offer.

How confident would you be pitching your business?

Learn these strategies today.

Execute them tomorrow.

Social media for personal use is completely different from social media for business.

Get on track Today with the tips from this GUIDE

Increase your opportunities now and end the year with a bang!



Are you ready to take your R + F Online Presence to a whole new level?


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POWER PACK Kickstart Guide

The Kickstart Guide: Create a Knockout Online Presence for R + F Success is a comprehensive guide to using today's latest marketing technology to present your R + F business, expand your network and increase your reach. An Independent Consultant must learn to market themselves as a personal brand along with the products they sell. It's time to stand out from the crowd!

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Discover how to use social media for business.

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